Course Offerings for Ugrad 2019-20 Spring

Last Updated: 9/29/2020 11:31:32 PM
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AFY PE-153-01 BOOT CAMP 1 FP Clancy, Christine K.
Ness, Erin G.
Gardner, Kateri A. (Kami)
NoNo No 60
AFY PE-153-02 BOOT CAMP 1 FP Spalding, Brandon P.
McHugh, Christopher D. Jr. (Chris)
Detwiler, David A.
NoNo No 60
AFY PE-153-03 BOOT CAMP 1 FP O'Brien, Brendan W.
Jones, Robert W. (Bobby)
NoNo No 24
AFY PE-154-01 AEROBIC RUNNING 1 FP Freeman, Dana L.
Wills, Regina A. (Gina)
NoNo No 60
AFY PE-154-02 AEROBIC RUNNING 1 FP Dager, Michael J. (Mike)
LaBerge, Logan E.
NoNo No 60
AFY PE-154-03 AEROBIC RUNNING 1 FP Cunningham, Neil NoNo No 33
AFY PE-155-01 WEIGHT TRAINING 1 FP Koch, Eric M.
Shearer, Nathan W.
NoNo No 60
AFY PE-155-02 WEIGHT TRAINING 1 FP White, Theodore W. (Ted)
LeRose, Garrett M.
NoNo No 60
PE-306-01 SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY 4 Singleton, Michael J. (Mike) NoYes No 20 MTWRF 10:15a-12:30p
PE-XXX-01 GRAD REQUIREMENT COMPLETE 0 Dittman, Duane S. (Scott) NoNo No 500